Review: Good Karma from Karma Gone Bad by Jenny Feldon


Karma Gone Bad (How I learned to love Mangos, Bollywood, and Water Buffalo) by Jenny Feldon
I had the distinct pleasure of reading an advanced review copy of this book through
Imagine being snatched from the cosmopolitan streets of Manhattan and dropped onto the monsoon flooded, water buffalo filled streets of India.  This is what happens to Jenny, when her husband Jay is transferred to Hyderabad, India to start up a regional office for his company Berkeley, King & Coolidge (affectionately known as BKC). She has left behind her job, family, friends, and her beloved Starbuck to become an expat wife.  With no job, no coffee, and Jay at the office all day, Jenny is lost. While Jay adapts to the new culture, Jenny doesn’t and sinks into a depression fueled by $13.00 bottles of Ragu spaghetti sauce and Lays “Style Cream and Onion” potato chips. 
The more settled Jay becomes, the more upset and depressed Jenny gets.  At one point, Jay sends Jenny back home to her parents in Boston and contemplates divorce.  While in Boston, Jenny discovers that there are people, places, and things that she actually enjoyed  while in India. When Jay comes home for Thanksgiving, they reconnect and Jenny agrees to go back to India for the remainder of their stay.
Karma Gone Badrises above the self-absorbed whininess of Eat, Pray, Love and makes you really care about the people in the book. Jenny’s failure to adjust to the significantly different culture and her subsequent change of heart, made this a very enjoyable read.
Keep an eye out for this one and make sure you read it.  Your karma will thank you.
Thanks for reading.
Title release date: November 5, 2013
Find it at AmazonBooks-A-Million, Barnes & Noble or your local independent book store.

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