To sell or not to sell…

What do you do when the byproduct of your stress relief activity, crafting, leaves you with a bunch of finished crafts? I currently have cards, tea light holders, luminarias, explosion boxes, iron on designs, wooden and slate signs with sayings on them, cute coffee mugs, beer glasses, and Christmas ornaments – EVERY WHERE! Normally, I would do a craft show, but I work every Saturday at the library and can’t participate in those. So…should I sell on Etsy? Do I want to have to ship things? How does one ship something like this:

And what would one charge for one of these:

That is where I am stuck today. Thinking about selling my crafts.

If any one would like to, please share your thoughts on my dilemma. Thanks.

Paying it forward

At the library where I work, the Summer Reading theme is Build a Better World.  Our adult programs are build around Pay It Forward, the book and movie.  We are having  a Pay It Forward Raffle for prizes where patrons have to fill out a card saying they performed 5 various Pay It Forward activities.

Today, I was in the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts getting a coffee and the young lady in the car in front of me paid for my coffee.  I’m still moved by her kindness.

In the spirit of her generosity, I have running an Amazon Giveaway for the ebook Pay It Forward.  All you have to do is follow me on Twitter.  Here is the link:

Good luck and thanks for reading.

Repurposing old books

It’s that wonderful time of year when I start thinking about making Christmas gifts.  Today, I looked around on Pinterest, aka “internet crack”, for Christmas craft ideas.

While working at the library, I have seen many interesting ways to repurpose old books.  For the 50th anniversary of one of our library branches, a coworker made a birthday cake out of books.  It was really very pretty.  Last Christmas, we had a Christmas tree built out of active library books.  These ideas got me thinking that there must be SOMETHING I can make from old, discarded books.  While searching for Christmas card holder crafts, I found one made out of a hard cover book.  If you fold all the pages in half, it makes a big fan to stick the cards in.  You can decorate the book any way you would like.  I used a gold stamp pad to make the book look even older. I found a sprig of Christmas fun and ended up with…