Review: Life and Death on the Tamiami Trail – Sheila Marie Palmer

I really enjoy when Amazon recommends a book that catches my eye. Several weeks ago, I spotted Life and Death on the Tamiami Trail in Amazon’s recommendations for me.  If you live in or have visited Florida, you know that the road from Tampa to Miami is affectionately known as the Tamiami Trail. It goes right through the community where I live. I love to read books that visit areas I live in or have visited.  This was my kind of book. Here is a little bit about the book.
Life and Death on the Tamiami Trail by Sheila Marie Palmer
When Sarasota Sheriff Bernie Raines is called in to investigate a murder at a local gypsy bar, she finds her old childhood friend, Zindelo, is the prime suspect. She has not seen him in many years, yet she finds it hard to believe that he did it. In order to prevent anyone questioning the integrity of her investigation, Bernie calls in her friend Sheriff Buck Davis to help.

Bernie and Zindelo lived in the same housing complex when they were children. Zindelo and his family are gypsies.  When Bernie and Buck question the gypsies Dukker, David the Giant, Zindelo, and Elle the Midget, they are given cryptic answers.  Dukker, who is the king of the gypsies, tells Bernie that they will cooperate but she only has a week to figure out who killed Mr. Verde and why, clearing Zindelo – or he will run.  The only way to do this is to dig deep into her past and fill in the missing blanks of her memory.
I really enjoyed this book. The characters were believable and the mystery of who the murderer was and exactly what happened, kept me interested and reading well past my bedtime.  A page turner with local references, Life and Death on the Tamiami Trail, is a winner in my book.
The Punta Gorda Library, where I work, celebrates our local authors by inviting them to come chat with our patrons, sell and sign copies of their books, and get their name out to the public.  I enjoyed the book so much that I contacted Sheila Palmer and hoping she would be interested in visiting.  SHE WAS!!! Sheila Palmer visited the Punta Gorda Library yesterday, November 4, 2014. Her local author table was well visited. Sheila graciously donated a copy of each of her books to the library.  They will be available for patrons to check out and enjoy. 
I purchased autographed copies of both of her books to send to my mother.  I have been collecting autographed local author books that I think she will enjoy as time and finances allow. I can’t wait to send them to her! 

I am 60% of the way through the second book – Life and Death on Siesta Key and I am looking forward to more!!

Sheila Palmer visits the Punta Gorda Library 11/4/14

You can visit Sheila’s website for more information –  You can buy the book or ebook from Amazon by clicking HERE or from Barnes and Noble by clicking HERE.

Don’t forget to check out the what programs are being offered at all four of the Charlotte County Libraries.  You can visit the website by clicking on The Charlotte County Library System.

Thanks for reading!


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