Review: Golden Son by Pierce Brown

I received an advanced copy of Golden Son from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. 

After reading Red Rising, the first book in this trilogy, I was really looking forward to Golden Son. What I loved about the first book in the trilogy – Red Rising – was the development of the relationships between the characters and how they made it through together. In Golden Son, it was sometimes hard to tell who was a good guy and who was a bad guy. I found myself rooting for Augustus and his men and then all of a sudden remembering that Augustus was actually a bad guy. Golden Son blurred the lines between who was good and who was bad. While I wouldn’t say that Golden Son wasn’t a well written book, it didn’t suck me in like Red Rising did. I hope that the third book, when it comes out, will satisfy all of my questions. 

Not a bad read.

The expected publication date is January 13, 2015.

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My husband, Mike, and I moved from NJ to Southwest Florida in September 2006. I currently work at a local library and fill my free time with crafts, reading and my experiments in the kitchen. Our fur kids, Buddy the dog and Nibbles (aka Brutus) the cat, keep us entertained all day.

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