How to exercise when you are not flexible

A lot of exercise programs assume that you are flexible and can get up and down from the floor with no problem. Well, I can’t. Because of this, I have been on the hunt for flexibility exercises and programs to help me improve so I can do the other exercises. I think I have found some good ones.

First of all, Mike and I have started doing Apple Fitness +, which start you off, in my opinion, as an advanced beginner. I am NOT an advanced beginner. I am a beginner. If there was something lower than a beginner, I think I’d be in that category. Ha ha…at least I can laugh at myself.

Here are some of the sources of the exercise that I started today.

Better5 – I can’t remember how I stumbled across this website but it has some excellent programs. There is a small charge for the classes (all prerecorded virtual programs) but once you pay, it is yours. Their website is I started the 10 day chair Pilates class this morning and I feel fantastic. It took about 10 minutes for me to complete todays exercises. I think that is reasonable. Right now this class is on sale for $17. It is normally $47, so you can save $30 if you sign up while it is still on sale. Two of the other programs I have completed and still use are – Foot Strength for Mobility and Balance as well as Hand and Wrist Flexibility Restoration. So, if you need to get yourself ready to do those harder workouts, Better5 is a great place to start.

DailyOM – I found DailyOM when I was looking for some relaxation exercises to help with my stiff back. They have so many different courses on their website There is a charge for most of their classes but they give you a choice on how much you pay, usually $15, $35, or $50. The two courses that I have participated in are Chair Yoga for Healing, Strength, and Mobility and Overcoming Body Stiffness. I guess you can see a pattern in my class choices. Over the years, my body has grown extremely stiff for many reasons (car accident, laziness, need to lose weight) and I am trying to remedy that. They have more than just exercise classes. You should go and check them out.

BodyGroove – I generally hate exercise that is labeled as exercise. You know the kind where you are grunting and sweating and just not having fun. What if you could get some great cardio exercise and have fun at the same time??? YOU CAN! Body Groove was started by Misty Tripoli. If you sign up and take the 30 day challenge, you will learn the story of her fight with bulimia and how she ended up starting Body Groove. You can purchase her videos to watch at home or you can join Body Grove On-Demand and get access to 200+ routines. You can also download individual classes. Check out The workouts are fun and they really get you moving. If you are looking for a fun and funky workout that doesn’t feel like a workout, you should try Body Groove.

I hope you all are well and that your New Year is fabulous.

(P.S. I will only recommend programs that I have tried. I am not compensated in any way by these sites. I just believe in them enough to share.)


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Kathy Harriott

My husband, Mike, and I moved from NJ to Southwest Florida in September 2006. I currently work for the local county Facilities Dept. and fill my free time with crafts, reading and my experiments in the kitchen.

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