May 19, 2023 – Book Review – Mango Murder by Angela K. Ryan

On May 19, 2023, Angela K. Ryan released her highly anticipated novel, Mango Murder. It is the 7th book in the Seaside Ice Cream Shop Mysteries. When Anna, the owner of Bella’s Dream ice cream parlor in Seagull Cove, decides to hold a tropical-themed ice cream party to help the community make it through the rest of the cold winter, she doesn’t anticipate murder.

After the Tropical Ice Cream Party, a local teacher is found murdered. Anna needs to find out who killed her after leaving her ice cream shop. Was it the rival teacher vying for the same vice principle job, the two teachers who are bending the rules by dating each other, the principle, or another community member with a grudge?

While trying to find out who done it, Anna is also trying to help woman, Heather, who has amnesia after a car accident. Is Heather a victim or a criminal?

Anna is also trying to help her sister, Bella, try to figure out the mystery she is involved in that has her in hiding.

The captivating story, plot, and strong relatable characters make this book a must-read. If you are looking for a clean, lighthearted mystery, then Mango Murder is the perfect choice. It is sure to keep you turning pages until the satisfying end.

You can order your copy at Amazon or from your local independent book store. Don’t forget to check the authors other books as well.

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Sapphire Beach Mysteries – Angela K. Ryan

I love reading books set in fictional towns near where I live. Angela K. Ryan’s Sapphire Beach mysteries are just that. Cozy mysteries set in Southwest Florida. I have been to many of the towns and cities mentioned in the books, which makes them even more interesting. I just finished the last book in the series and I am sad that it is over. There is a “spin-off” – the Seaside Ice Cream Shop Mysteries – which continues the story of Anna, the cousin of the main character in the Sapphire Beach Cozy Mysteries.

The main character is Connie. Other regular characters in the series are: Grace – Aunt Concetta’s best friend and employee at Connie’s jewelry store, Stephanie – Grace’s daughter, Elyse – the local realtor, Josh – Elyse’s husband and Sapphire Beach police officer, Zach – Josh’s friend, police officer, and eventually Connie’s love interest, Gertrude – a friend of Aunt Concetta’s and great aunt to Elyse, Abby – employee at Connie’s jewelry store, Ruby – a fellow Sapphire Beach shop owner, Gallagher – the owner of the restaurant across from Connie’s store… and more.

1. Condos and Corpses – Connie must find out who killed a man in Grace’s condo

2. Surf, Sand, and Skeletons – Connie gets to the bottom of what happened to the previous owner of her shop

3. Piers, Pliers, and Problems – A student in her first jewelry class is murdered with Connie’s pliers and she must figure out who did it.

4. Candy Canes and Cadavers – During her family’s visit to Sapphire Beach, she must find out who murdered a local theater actor.

5. Snowbirds and Suspects – When her friend, Ruby’s niece is accused of murder, she asks Connie to help clear her name.

6. Bridesmaids and Bodies – When the best man of one of her jewelry clients is murdered, Connie needs to find the killer so the wedding can go on.

7. Hurricanes and Homicides – While hunkered down during a hurricane, Connie finds the body of a fellow condo owner and must find the murderer among those sheltering in place.

8. Kayaks and Killers – When a kayak floats near shore with a body in it, Connie and friends investigate.

9. Friends, Foes, and Felonies – Connie’s former boss and mentor, Sam, is visiting for two weeks. When the head of a local non-profit is murdered, Connie and Sam investigate.

10. Passion and Poison – When a former tennis pro is murdered at Connie’s friend, Gallagher’s restaurant, he turns to Connie to help solve the murder.

11. Daffodils and Death – Connie’s visit to the botanical garden with her mother and sister turns into a murder investigation.

12. Marriage and Mischief – Connie and Zack are getting ready for their wedding. As friends and family gather, the wedding officiant, Fr. Paul goes missing. Will Connie be able to solve his disappearance in time to prevent a tragedy and a ruined wedding?

Give these light and refreshing mysteries a try.

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