March 14, 2023 – My spirit animal

Which animal would you compare yourself to and why?

In all honesty, I would have a hard time picking just one animal.

The first animal that comes to mind is the sloth. Not because I’m lazy, at least not all the time, but because I am slow. I’m not quite as slow as this sloth, but there are days that I feel it is an accurate portrayal of me.

Animal number two is the T-Rex. It’s the tiny little arms that I identify with. I can’t reach ANYTHING!

Another animal I can relate to is the Mockingbird. No, I don’t always mock people but I do tend to make up songs about my day…all day long. It is an endearing and annoying quality of mine.

Next up, the slime mold. Not because I’m disgusting or slimy (at least not today). It’s because the slime mold works smarter not harder. A slime mold can figure out the fastest way through a maze. Did you know that? Sure enough, a single cell organism without a “brain” is considered intelligent. Here’s is an article about it.

I find ways to get the job done faster and easier by slinking through the maze like a slime mold.

My final animal is the bear. I admire their ability to nap through the bad weather. I too am a fan of napping and I don’t like to be cold. Therefore, an animal that sleeps through Winter is definitely a friend of mine

So, that’s my story. How about YOU?

And, if you know me, comment below and let me know what animal you would compare me to.

Thanks for reading.