Fredrik Backman’s Beartown series

If you want to read a series about a hockey town that has seen better days set in the forests of Northern Sweden, Frederik Backman has got you covered.

In the first book, Beartown, a sexual assault by beloved hockey player, Kevin, causes unexpected consequences in the hockey obsessed down. It turns out that the victim of the assault is Maya, the daughter of the General Manager of the hockey team, Peter Anderson. Even though Maya knows the rape accusation with tear the town apart, she finally decides to tell her parents a week after it occurred. They are furious and go to the police. The repercussions are wide spread and, to me, infuriating. To find out what happens, you will have to read the book.

Us Against You continues the story of the hockey town rocked by controversy. After the events in Beartown, it looks like the hockey team is going to fold. This makes the former Beartown hockey players who now play for the rival team in Head, very happy.

When a new arrival gives the team hope. With their fastest player, Amat, their lone wolf, Benji, trouble maker, Vidar, and the eager to please Bobo, the team begins to rally. As the final game approaches, not-so-innocent pranks between the two rival town come to a head and a tragedy occurs. The two communities begin to wonder if hockey will ever be the same.

The Winners (due for release in the US on October 4, 2022) is the third and final book. A terrible storm hits both Beartown and Hed, causing the destruction of Hed’s hockey rink. Those in charge of the Beartown hockey rink, offer to let the Hed teams practice at their rink. Of course, the town of Hed takes this as an insult. When a beloved barkeep dies during the storm, her loved ones come together for the funeral. This includes Maya, who went off to music college, Benji, who left town broken, and Amat, the former NHL hopeful who returned a humiliated recluse.

A journalist tries to get to the bottom of corruption within the hockey board of directors, a couple tries to save their marriage, and an angry young boy wants to avenge his sister’s death.

Both towns in this series are filled with interesting and unforgettable characters.

I hope you will read the series, as well as the rest of Mr. Backman’s wonderful books.

Thanks for reading!


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