Doodle Challenge -Day 6

Connections Day 6

Today’s doodle is simple, yet profound. I call it Connections. We have so many connections. Family, friends, co-workers, grocery store checkers, mail delivery people -how many people do we connect with daily? Sadly, it is less due to Covid.

Think of your connections and create a doodle that expresses that connection.. I hope you will share it with us.

Thanks for reading.


Doodle Challenge – Day 1

I love to doodle but I go through phases where I don’t doodle for weeks. I’ve decided to challenge myself to a doodle challenge where I create a doodle every day for the month of February. Here is my doodle for February 1, 2022. I call it Feeling Fine.

Come back tomorrow for my next doodle.

Feel free to share your doodles in the comments.

Thanks for reading.