January 4, 2023 – Non-scale victories

Today was a good day. Besides losing one pound, I had several non-scale victories.

First, I’ve been very good at staying within my calorie goal each day this week. I even stayed within today when we ordered Chinese food! I split the food in half and saved the rest for lunch tomorrow. In the past, that wouldn’t have happened. I would have snarfed that whole thing down.

I have been moving a lot more. I set a reminder to get up and walk at work. One one of my movement breaks, I went out of the office and did several laps around the hallway. Plus, I started doing yoga again today. There are really some great yoga videos on YouTube if you want to start your own practice. I really love it.

The yoga, stretching and extra movement has really helped loosen up my joints. I touched my shins for the first time in FOREVER and it didn’t hurt!!

Do you have any healthy recipes or beginner workout videos you would like to recommend? I’d love to hear from you.